Tierschutzverein Europa

The Tierschutzverein Europa e.V. has assigned itself the task of transporting dogs, cats and other animals from several European countries to Germany, Austria and France and mediate these to new families. The Tierschutzverein Europa e.V. takes care of displaying the animals on the website www.tsv-europa.eu, mediating them to new families, transporting them to Germany, as well as pre- and post-inspections of the animals' new homes. Additionally, the Tierschutzverein Europa e.V. takes care of organizing animal shelters for special cases.

The Tierschutzverein Europa e.V. doesn't operate any animal shelters, but cooperates closely with a small groups of animal protection organizations in European countries. These organizations and animal shelters receive from the Tierschutzverein Europa e.V. after the successful mediation of the animals, a nominal fee, which is used by the organizations to castrate, chip and vaccinate further animals, as well as to pay for laboratory tests. Additionally, the Tierschutzverein Europa e.V. takes care of announcing fund-raising campaigns of the cooperation partners, for example to ensure the availability of medical supplies and material resources.

The Tierschutzverein Europa e.V. has, since it's creation in 2006, mediated nearly 8500 animals (as of May 2019). This success is not only based on the excellent cooperation with the different animal protection organization in the countries, where the animals have been abandoned, but is also based on the good reputation of the Tierschutzverein Europa e.V. and accordingly the many recommendations of happy new animal owners.

To maintain and further improve the reputation of the association, several preconditions are required from the cooperating organizations:

1. Distinctive identification of the animals
The animal protection organizations / animal shelters must describe each animal, which is to be mediated, in short form by age, size, color, race, attitude with other animals, as well as provide pictures and, if possible, videos. Additionally, all animals must be chipped before being transported to Germany.

2. Good medical care
The animal protection organizations / animal shelters must provide animals with the best medical care possible, especially in animal shelters, where large groups of animals are kept together and diseases will quickly spread. Particularly before transportation should it be cared, that animals do not have any skin diseases, worms or Mediterranean diseases, unless so agreed with the adopting family. Additionally, vaccines for rabies and combined vaccinations must be valid.

3. Animal castration
The animal protection organizations / animal shelters should let all animals, which are to be mediated, be castrated by a veterinary sufficiently long before transportation. Naturally can the castration be postponed if the animal is still too young.

4. Project-related donations may only be used for the according projects
Money from project-related fund-raising campaigns organized by the Tierschutzverein Europa e.V., may only be used for the projects they were intended for. For example, money from fund-raising campaigns for castration costs may not be used for animal shelter expansions. Likewise, material donations may not be resold. Therefore, the Tierschutzverein Europa e.V. expects from the receivers of donations a copy of all receipts the money was used for.

If a cooperating animal protection organization or animal shelter can't fulfill the preconditions set repeatedly, then the cooperation with the Tierschutzverein Europa e.V. will be ceased.